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Marketing Workshops For Beginners and Advanced Professionals

Milwaukee marketing workshops for beginners and advanced professionals

Milwaukee provides some excellent courses to introduce beginners or experienced professionals alike to digital marketing, providing essential knowledge and expertise necessary for success.

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee provides an array of courses that cover professional development, personal enrichment, customized training and certificate programs – most can be completed within 18 months and many even offer college credit!

Digital Marketing Bootcamps

Digital marketing bootcamps are short-term intensive training programs that can equip you with the skills needed to start or advance in a digital marketing career. Available online or in person, these programs may be full-time, part-time or self-paced depending on their instructor and you.

As part of the program, you will gain knowledge on key digital marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social Media Management and Paid Search Advertising; how to design effective and profitable campaigns using these channels and more.

Some digital marketing bootcamps also specialize in specific fields, like user experience design (UX), content strategy or data analysis – fields with increasing job prospects across industries.

UX designers create user-friendly websites, computer hardware and software products, and other digital products that meet users’ needs. In addition to having strong analytical and research skills, they also possess excellent problem-solving abilities.

SEO specialists optimize websites so they rank higher in search results to increase traffic, helping businesses increase sales.

An intensive digital marketing bootcamp will teach you how to effectively plan and execute social media campaigns, optimize search engine results and create websites that are both search-friendly and mobile-friendly. Furthermore, you will learn how to use tools such as Google Ads and analytics for tracking performance.

Your learning will also be applied to real-world campaigns and projects, giving you a chance to practice what you have learned while earning certifications that could increase your odds of landing employment in this industry.

This comprehensive course covers every aspect of digital marketing and will prepare you for a career in this industry. You will learn to build and run successful campaigns across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Once completed, you can market your skills and career to local employers. Choose from various job positions like Digital Marketer, Brand Manager or Web Designer.

Are You Curious About Starting a Digital Marketing Career in Milwaukee? Attend an Online Marketing Workshop To Gain Insight

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is an ideal option for anyone seeking to expand their digital marketing knowledge. They offer both online courses and in-person classes taught by experienced instructors, making this institution ideal for both beginner marketers as well as more advanced practitioners alike.

UWM provides an array of degrees and majors in marketing, from undergraduate to postgraduate degrees and doctorates. You can earn anything from a bachelor’s to a doctorate. Furthermore, this college boasts an exceptional graduation rate and ranks among the top ten colleges for undergraduate students across America.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is a public university with over 21,000 students enrolled on campus. Their academic calendar operates according to semesters; fall and spring terms begin each September and February respectively.

Students looking for degrees can now easily enroll in online courses covering areas like business, management, education and technology – making it convenient to earn their degree without leaving home or work.

UWM, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is an expansive university offering a diverse selection of programs and activities for its students to enjoy. As one of the state’s most-attended institutions, its student enrollment has steadily increased over time.

UWM provides many opportunities for involvement, from volunteering and sports clubs to honors and scholarships that help cover costs.

Campus is not too large to overwhelm first-year students and there are often events going on – ideal for studying and meeting people with similar interests.

UWM offers competitive tuition prices and offers many perks at an in-state school, such as a Milwaukee bus pass, cable and internet in dorms, membership to Klotsche Center gym membership and scholarships for excellent academic performance.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers an attractive in-state tuition rate, making it an excellent option for students on tight budgets looking for a quality education at a more accessible university. Furthermore, its diverse student population makes the University a wonderful environment in which to develop academically while making lasting friendships.

Boot Camp Digital

Milwaukee provides several digital marketing bootcamps designed to advance your skills in creating, running and optimizing search, social, display and retargeting advertising campaigns that drive sales.

Not all digital marketing bootcamps provide only online learning; some also offer live classes with industry experts such as the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee or ONLC Training Centers who teach both introductory and intermediate marketing classes in real-life classroom settings.

UW School of Continuing Education also offers digital marketing workshops, including classes on how to utilize social media as a marketing tool, analytics and email marketing. Both of these courses include instructors in the room so students can receive one-on-one mentoring and peer feedback in addition to one-to-one mentorship and feedback.

Milwaukee also hosts several digital marketing workshops such as the one-day Beginning Twitter/Facebook Social Media Marketing course that teaches participants how to optimize their social media accounts and promote their businesses using various tools – from separating personal from professional accounts, building marketing funnels, optimizing Tweets, using key Facebook features effectively, using third-party add-ons and taking advantage of analytics & workflow management systems.

General Assembly offers both online and in-person bootcamps to enhance digital marketing, user experience design, software engineering, data science, and related fields. They feature flexible part-time or full-time schedules so that students can study at their own pace – making it possible to balance work responsibilities with career goals while furthering them simultaneously.

Thinkful offers online digital marketing classes covering SEO, SEM, and paid social media. Their instructors are industry experts who will teach you how to develop and execute successful marketing strategies while covering the basics of digital advertising and SEO so that you can break into this highly-sought field.

Noble Desktop offers live online digital marketing courses designed for beginners or advanced professionals alike – perfect for learning in the comfort of your own home or office without ever leaving your desk! They have various bootcamp options tailored towards beginner students as well as professionals spanning varying course durations and prices.


TEMPO is Milwaukee’s largest professional women’s group and serves its membership and the community by offering educational programming, networking opportunities, relationship development services and mentoring in order to enable women to aspire and take up leadership positions.

Since 1975, TEMPO has been dedicated to improving the status and opportunities for professional women in TEMPO’s membership and helping them realize their full potential. Offering leadership training opportunities, networking events and mentoring services in an informal yet supportive setting.

Tempo Milwaukee is one of the state’s largest professional women’s groups, boasting membership from various industries and companies throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Over time, its mission and core competencies of Leadership Mentoring and Networking have adapted with changing business landscapes in order to remain true to itself.

Bader Rutter collaborated with Tempo Milwaukee on a 45th Anniversary promotional project and used a photo shoot featuring local artist and 120-year-old tintype camera as part of its promotional effort to highlight mentorship and women being authentic selves. As a result, “Direct Positive,” will be shown at Milwaukee Film Festival this spring.

This film illustrates how women come together to shape the world and Milwaukee is no exception. It follows one such woman, who grew up using a Polaroid camera before going on to become a corporate photographer herself and talks about how her experiences as a Polaroid photographer helped prepare her for today’s challenges of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Rochelle provides marketing and communications for non-profits such as Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, LUMIN Schools, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Harley-Davidson as well as advertising/public relations for various clients such as Associated Bank. Her experience in both for-profit and nonprofit marketing positions allows her to collaborate with clients to elevate brands while making an impactful statement about the local community.

Since 2016, she has served on the TEMPO Board of Directors and is thrilled to continue their longstanding tradition of advancing professional women. Additionally, she looks forward to witnessing their organization adapt as Milwaukee continues its transformation and change.

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