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Innovative Marketing Tactics for E-Commerce Businesses

If you run an e-commerce business in Milwaukee, take advantage of innovative marketing tactics to boost sales. Not only are these methods easy to implement; they’re also great ways of reaching local customers and increasing visibility within your community. Read on to discover how implementing such strategies in 2017 could help your store expand and succeed!

1. Reverse Telephone Directories

Reverse telephone directories are an efficient, free marketing tactic in Milwaukee that can help your e-commerce business gain momentum. Easy to use and can help identify who’s calling, reverse telephone directories are also great at clearing away nuisance callers such as those making repeated phone calls to you or those making nuisance prank calls.

Have you been victimized by phone harassment? Using a reverse phone lookup service could help stop this from occurring again and protect yourself and others from it.

This will provide the name and location of whoever is calling, so if necessary you can contact police to report their number.

To conduct a search, all it takes to get information on any number is entering it into a reverse phone lookup website and searching through phone directories and databases to reveal as much details about its caller as possible.

Intelius and TruthFinder are two free websites that will show you personal details such as social media profiles, emails addresses, previous jobs, family connections, etc.

Number-Lookup is another outstanding reverse phone lookup site. It provides high levels of user protection and data privacy as well as an intuitive user interface, adhering to all applicable laws to ensure it does not harm anyone, with instantaneous results so you can identify an anonymous caller and remove them swiftly from your phone list.

2. Social Media

Social media as a marketing tactic for your e-commerce business in Milwaukee is an effective and unique way to expand brand recognition and generate sales. Furthermore, this medium allows direct connections with customers in an effective manner so they feel more at ease purchasing from you.

Social media strategy provides an effective means of reaching your target audience on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms – improving search engine rankings while simultaneously drawing in new potential customers.

Social media allows businesses to gather customer feedback and gain insight into customer buying habits and product opinions, providing invaluable data for improving product offerings and providing superior customer service.

A strong social media strategy should include both industry-relevant content and branded hashtags to increase visibility and engagement, along with an established posting schedule.

Finding the most appropriate social media platforms can be tricky for businesses of any kind, so having access to a good Milwaukee marketing agency will provide invaluable advice regarding which ones should work for your specific venture.

Social media marketing is an efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly method of promotion that can create viral campaigns while expanding brand recognition.

User-generated content on social media can increase both your presence and online traffic. This type of post includes photos and videos showing people using your product.

A great marketing agency can assist in developing an effective social media strategy with the potential to generate an impressive return on investment, as well as an email marketing campaign designed to inform current and prospective customers about your brand while offering them special promotions based on past purchases.

3. Newspaper Ads

Newspaper advertising in Milwaukee remains an effective marketing tactic that has endured major shifts in how people consume content, offering several advantages for e-commerce businesses hoping to generate leads and expand sales.

Newspaper ads tend to generate longer engagement rates than digital ones, making newspapers an invaluable advertising channel for businesses. Furthermore, newspapers enable business owners to reach niche audiences that may otherwise be difficult to target through other forms of media.

Newspapers also enjoy an exceptional trust factor among consumers due to their longstanding tradition of providing reliable and accurate information.

Consumers are therefore more likely to engage with newspaper ads and take action based on them; one study reported that 30 percent of users went online to further research an ad they read in the newspaper.

Newspaper advertising can be an economical and targeted solution for e-commerce businesses, as its costs depend on your budget and you can choose between local or national newspapers in order to target specific groups of people.

When creating a newspaper ad, make sure it features an eye-catching headline, appealing images and a captivating message that draws the reader in. In addition, be sure to include contact information as well as a call-to-action that encourages consumers to visit your website or store.

Media Venue can help you design an eye-catching newspaper ad that draws in consumers while simultaneously showcasing your product or service and encouraging them to buy it. Our experienced team can craft ads that will capture consumers’ attention while drawing them in and driving sales of whatever product or service is featured in it.

4. Logo Design

Logos are visual representations of your business that appear everywhere from business cards and social media posts, to websites. Consumers will first see your logo when encountering it for the first time – making an impactful first impression and increasing brand recognition.

An effective logo should be easy for customers to read, convey a clear message and reflect your brand in an eye-catching manner. Furthermore, it should stand out among competitors’ logos.

An average person takes only seven seconds to form an impression about a brand, making the first impression important and necessary when designing a logo for an e-commerce business. So it is crucial that your logo represents you well and sets you apart from competitors within that timeframe. That is why it’s crucial that your best work be presented when creating one for this industry.

When choosing a design, take note of current trends to gain inspiration, yet don’t overdo it; otherwise it could end up making your logo seem outdated and uninspiring.

If you use a wordmark logo (one that only consists of text), ensure that the font is legible and does not look busy or confusing to customers so they can quickly recognize your services or products when needed. This will allow them to remember you when purchasing them in future.

Another key characteristic of an effective logo is its scalability. It should work at any size – from billboards and billboards down to tablets and smartphones – while still looking good when printed onto business cards or posters.

5. Local Marketing

Local marketing can be an invaluable strategy for both brick-and-mortar and online retailers alike, providing increased sales. To be most effective, identify a specific geographic area that you would like to target so your advertisements reach those most likely to buy your products or services.

Communication between business and consumers should also take place within their local culture and dialect, helping to strengthen consumer relationships and elevate perception of a brand or business.

Participating in local events and organizations is an excellent way to engage your local market, usually free or cost-effective and an excellent way to build relationships and promote your brand in your local community.

Many small business owners fail to take full advantage of one of the easiest and free resources available: Google My Business profiles. Listings include your name, address and other essential contact details as well as fun photos or other content designed to increase visitors.

Small business owners find this tool extremely effective, as it is cost-free and simple to implement – and could become part of their marketing strategies and local SEO optimization strategy.

As is true with any type of marketing strategy, e-commerce marketing requires that you target those customers most likely to purchase from you and ensure the greatest return from your efforts and profits.

One innovative Milwaukee marketing tactic that is particularly beneficial to online merchants is offering discounts or other incentives to previous customers. This strategy can keep them coming back, while simultaneously creating new business from referrals by these current shoppers and their friends and families.

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